Logic Pro Kit Replacement Pods (3 pack)

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Logic pro Capsule pack for the Logic Pro Starter Kit


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Logic Pro Capsules (3 Pack)

Logic Pro prefilled pod packs have 3 capsules per pack and are available in 6 different flavours across 3 strengths


Tobacco: 6mg/12mg/18mg

Menthol: 6mg/12mg

Cherry: 6mg/12mg

Berry Mint: 6mg/12mg

Strawberry: 6mg/12mg

Vanilla: 6mg


Pratical and easy to use

No need to be refilled, just throw away when empty

This system puts an end to leaks and liquid wastage

Vacuum sealed capsules for quality vaping

Easy to change flavour without previoues aftertaste you get with coil based tanks

RRP: £4.50